Precious (Precious album)

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Studio album by Precious
Released 20 November 2000
Genre Pop
Label EMI

Precious is the self-titled debut by UK girl group Precious, it spawned four singles "Say It Again", Rewind, "It's Gonna Be My Way", and "New Beginning". It was released on 20 November 2000.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Rewind"   Solomon, Cohen, Karr Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 3:37
2. "New Beginning"   Ian Lewis Cutfather & Joe 3:43
3. "Step to Me"   Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 3:11
4. "It's Gonna Be My Way"   A. Bagge, A. Birgisson, S. Diamond Bag & Arthnor 3:22
5. "Heaven with You"   Andy Hill, Wendy Page Cutfather & Joe 3:37
6. "Much Too Late"   Matt Senatore, Solomon, David James Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 4:05
7. "Ain't It Funny How"   Anderson, Hailstorm, Wallin, Crichlow Cutfather & Joe 3:16
8. "I Count the Minutes"   Diane Warren Chris Porter 3:49
9. "Say It Again"   Paul Varney Cutfather & Joe 2:59
10. "Stand Up"   Stephen Emmanuel Dufflebag Boys 3:08
11. "Talk About It"   Lars, Halvor, Jensen, Martin Michael Larson Josef Larossi, Andrea Romdhane 3:15