Prehotep I (Vizier)

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Prehotep I
Successor Prehotep II (Vizier)
Dynasty 19th Dynasty
Pharaoh Ramesses II
Father Mery, High Priest of Osiris
Mother Maianuy

The Ancient Egyptian Noble Prehotep I (also known as Rahotep, Parahotep, Prehotep the Elder, Parehotp) was Vizier, in the latter part of the reign of Ramesses II, during the 19th dynasty.[1][2]

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in hieroglyphs


Parahotep is mentioned on two monuments belonging to the High Priest of Osiris Wennufer. On a statue now in the Athens Museum the city governor and vizier Rahotep is said to be the (grand-)son of the High Priest of Osiris To and to be born of Maianuy. Wennufer also included his brother Prehotep in a family monument from Abydos. The vizier Nebamun is also said to be a brother of Wennufer and Prehotep. On another monument however Nebamun is said to be a son of Ramose and Sheritre, so he is more likely to be a cousin.[1]


Prehotep is known from a stela in Abydos (Cairo Jde 19775) which depicts Prehotep with two other men and three women adoring Osiris and Isis. A canopic jar with Selqet and Qebehsenuef protecting Prehotep is now in Brussels (E. 5901).[1]

Prehotep is mentioned on Wennufer's monuments as mentioned in the section about family above.

Indentity with vizier Prehotep II[edit]


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