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Original author(s) Jason Perkins
Stable release 4.3 / November 16, 2010 (2010-11-16)
Preview release 4.4-beta4 / February 10, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-02-10)
Written in C, Lua
Operating system Cross-platform
Type build automation tool
License New BSD License

In software development, premake is an open source utility for automatically building configuration from source code.


Some of the features of the system are:[1]

Sample Script[edit]

The following is an example Premake script for a simple software project.

solution "MySolution"
   configurations { "Debug", "Release" }

project "MyProject"
   kind "ConsoleApp"
   language "C++"
   includedirs { "include" }
   files { "src/**.h", "src/**.cpp" }

   configuration "Debug"
      flags { "Symbols" }
      defines { "_DEBUG" }

   configuration "Release"
      flags { "Optimize" }
      defines { "NDEBUG" }

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