Premier Arena Soccer League

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Premier Arena Soccer League
Country  United States
Founded 1997
Divisions 6
Number of teams 46
Feeder to Professional Arena Soccer League
Domestic cup(s) U.S. Open Cup for Arena Soccer
Current champions Chicago Mustangs Premier
Website Official site

The Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL-Premier) is an Indoor Soccer league with amateur and semi-professional teams. PASL-Premier currently has 46 teams in 6 divisions across the USA and Mexico. PASL-Premier is the official developmental league of the Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL).

Teams play in regional competition to keep travel costs to a minimum. The champion of each region will then compete in a tournament to decide the league champion.

PASL-Premier currently runs a men's winter and summer league and a women's summer league.[1] The winter league starts the 1st weekend in December and ends the 3rd weekend in March. The summer league runs from the 1st weekend in May through the 3rd weekend in July.

PASL-Premier is an affiliated member of the FIFRA (Federación Internacional de Futbol Rapido).[2]

2013-2014 Winter Teams[edit]


Midwest Division[edit]

Great Lakes Division[edit]

South Central Division[edit]

Rocky Mountain Division[edit]

Northwest Division[edit]




Southwest Division[edit]

2013 Summer Teams[edit]

South Central Division[edit]

Pacific Division[edit]

Women's Division[edit]

Men's champions[edit]

Year Summer Year Winter
1998 OTW Santa Clara 1998/99 N/A
1999 OTW Santa Clara 1999/00 N/A
2000 ISA 2000 2000/01 N/A
2001 OTW Sacramento 2001/02 N/A
2002 OTW Sacramento 2002/03 N/A
2003 Bladium Hornets 2003/04 Minnesota Blast
2004 Tacoma Stars 2004/05 Mass Aztecs
2005 San Diego Fusion 2005/06 OTW Sacramento
2006 Cuernavaca 2006/07 Studio (Dallas)
2007 Stockton Pumas 2007/08 Detroit Waza FC
2008 OTW Santa Clara 2008/09 Vitesse Dallas
2009 OTW Santa Clara 2009/10 Tacoma Stars
2010 Fort Collins Fury 2010/11 Las Vegas Knights (by forfeit)
2011 OTW Santa Clara 2011/12 Vitesse Dallas
2012 Las Vegas Knights 2012/13 Bladium Rosal
2013 Las Vegas Knights 2013/14 Chicago Mustangs Premier

Women's Summer champions[edit]

Year Team
2008 OTW Santa Clara
2009 Chico United
2010 Denver Sizzle
2011 Soccer World Elk Grove
2012 Soccer World Elk Grove
2013 Soccer World Elk Grove

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