Basketball National League

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This article is about the South African professional basketball league. For the American basketball minor league, see Premier Basketball League.
Basketball National League (BNL)
Sport Basketball
Founded 1993 (as PBL)
No. of teams 12
Country  South Africa
Continent FIBA Africa (Africa)
Official website BNL

The Basketball National League is the pre-eminent men's professional basketball league in South Africa. Founded in 1993 as the Premier Basketball League, it was disbanded in 1996. However, it was later reformed into the present creation.[1]

The league was renamed the Basketball National League in 2013. Many BNL players and coaches are still involved with the Cape Town Hurricanes Basketball Club.

Current clubs[edit]

The league currently has 12 clubs:

  • Cape Town Eagles
  • Cape Town Kings
  • Egoli Magic
  • Johannesburg Olympians
  • Kwazulu Marlins
  • Maritzburg Tuskers
  • Soweto Panthers
  • Tshwane Suns


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