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Premier Cycle Co
Industry Manufacturing and engineering
Fate 1914 name changed to
Coventry Premier
Successor 1921 purchased by
Singer Motors
Founded 1908
Defunct 1926?
Products Motorcycles
See also: Singer Motors

Premier Motorcycles were British motorcycles manufactured by a business originally founded as a bicycle manufacturer by W. H. Herbert and William Hillman in 1876. Their "Hillman and Herbert Cycle Company" was renamed "Premier Cycle Co." in 1891.[1]

White & Poppe engine[edit]

Their first motorcycle was produced in 1908, with a White & Poppe side-valve engine and Chater-Lea front forks. They made their first V-twin in 1909, followed by a 499 cc single-cylinder machine in 1910.[2]

The business changed its name to "The Premier Cycle Company (Coventry Premier Ltd.)" in 1914.[1]

After the First World War bicycle or motorcycle production was not resumed and the cyclecar business was acquired by Singer Motors in 1921[2] although Premier motorcycles were produced under licence in Czechoslovakia throughout the 1930s.


Model Year Notes
Premier 1908 White & Poppe side-valve engine
Premier 500cc 1909 V-twin
998cc 1913 V-twin

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