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Prendergast (alt Prendergrast or Pendergrast) (Irish: de Priondargás) is a Hiberno-Norman name.

It may have its origins in Berwickshire, in the hamlet now called Prenderguest[1] or in the hamlet of Prendergast (Haverfordwest)[2] in Pembrokeshire. The Prendergast name in Ireland derives from the 12th century Norman Knight Maurice de Prendergast, who came to Ireland with Strongbow. His descendants were seated in Tipperary and in south Mayo, counties in which the name has always subsequently been most populous. Some families of Prendergast assumed the name Fitzmaurice at an early date. The Prendergasts who assumed the Fitzmaurice name were also called MacMorris.[3]

Variant spellings of Prendergast include Pender, Pendergast, Pendergrass, Penders, Pendy, Pinder, Pinders, Pindy, Prender, Prendergest, Prindergast, Pendergist.

People with the surname[edit]


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