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Presbyterian High School
Sekolah Tinggi Presbyterian
PHS Crest
Aflame for Truth
5209 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Postal Code 569845
Singapore Singapore
Coordinates 1°22′58.90″N 103°50′33.87″E / 1.3830278°N 103.8427417°E / 1.3830278; 103.8427417
Type Government-aided, Mixed School
Established 1965
Session Single Session
School code 7308
Chairman Elder Dr Alexander Lee
Principal Mr Owyong Tuck Sing Victor
School colour(s)      navy blue

Presbyterian High School (Simplified Chinese: 长老会中学) is a government-aided co-ed missionary secondary school in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. It has affiliations with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Saint Andrew's Junior College, Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church and Bethel Presbyterian Church.

The school has been awarded the Ministry of Education Top Value-added Award 7 times in the last 9 years for the Normal Stream[1] and is the first school to be identified by the Ministry of Education as a double Niche School for Uniformed Groups and Volleyball (Girls).[2]

The school was accorded the People Developer Standard since December 2001 and ISO 9001 :2000 certification since May 2002 and BE Niche Standard (People) certification in October 2008. In 2006, it received the double award of the Development Award for Character Development and National Education.


In 1960, under the vision and conviction of founding father, Rev Alan S Moore Anderson, the Presbyterian Synod passed the resolution to start a God-centred institution of learning and Li Sun High (former name of Presbyterian High School) was thus founded in 1965 at Upper Serangoon Road. LSH shared premises with Ming Sin Primary School and was home to 150 students. It was a Chinese-language school but switched to English in 1981 to bring it into line with Ministry of Education policies. In 1978 it came under the management of Bethel Presbyterian Church. In 1981 the Synod approved the name change to Presbyterian High School and the school moved to Ang Mo Kio in 1983.

Before 2002, PHS occupied a small plot of land located across the road from the Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, and shared a field with the neighbouring Li Hua Primary School and Ang Mo Kio North Primary School, even though PHS shared no affiliations with either of these. Today, the school stands on 3 hectares of land and is home to over 1,400 students and staff. The new school includes a hall that can accommodate the entire school population, well-equipped computer laboratories and IT-enabled classrooms, as well as the National Education Stairwell and the Olive Garden.[3]

In 2007, PHS was chosen as one of the seven schools to participate in the Sino Singapore Cultural Exchange Programme 2007. In the same year, the school accepted the invitation by the ASEAN-Japan Friendship Association for the 21st Century (SAJAFA-21) to participate in the Miyazaki-Singapore Friendship Exchange Programme.[4]


In 1997, a proposal to rebuild the school was accepted by the Management Board and the Presbyterian Synod, and in 1999 the school was granted MOE's approval for total rebuilding.

PHS clock tower

In 2002 the school's redevelopment was complete, and students moved into the new buildings. A Homecoming March ceremony was held involving past and present students. The new school campus has an air-conditioned hall and a clock tower, paid for by the alumni and money raised over the years. It has a school field made from an empty plot of land nearby. The plot of land has been replaced by artificial turf.[5]

Then acting Minister of Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam graced the official opening ceremony of the newly redeveloped PHS campus in May 2004. He spoke on "Developing strength of character and discipline" and commended PHS on its achievements in this area, emphasising the Singapore government's support for schools' use of corporal punishment to keep discipline problems in check.[6]

School ethos, discipline and customs[edit]

PHS is designed to appeal to parents wishing their sons and daughters to benefit from a tightly-structured and very strict school setting in the service of God. The rules for discipline and the code of conduct lay down rigorous behavioural standards, noting that truancy, vandalism, smoking and other serious offences are severely punished.[7]

In 2002, the Student Council was formed, replacing the Prefectorial Board. The Council is a bridge between the student body and the school administrative staff.

School crest[edit]

The crest is topped by two waves signifying the continuous growth and development of the School from its founding as Li Sun High School to the present Presbyterian High School.

The dove with a stalk of olive leaves depicts the development of the spiritual and moral life in the School and guides us in our education which is represented by the Book.

The cross represents faith in God.

The burning bush with its motto "Aflame for Truth" signifies that the school is part of the community of Christians in Presbyterian Churches all over the world.

The white and blue background represents the school colours: white symbolises a quest for truth while blue stands for a pursuit of excellence.

School song[edit]

看 荆 棘 焚 而 不 毁

吾 长 老 会 的 异 象

在 伯 特 利 创 礼 逊

达 宏 茂 桥 建 长 中

立 定 信 心 加 毅 力

刚 强 奋 志 向 前 进

敬 业 精 神 又 乐 群

切 磋 琢 磨 谦 与 冲

发 扬 东 方 文 化 道 统

探 求 西 欧 科 技 知 识

效 法 基 督 完 全 样 式

立 己 立 人 为 民 前 锋

效 法 基 督 完 全 样 式

立 己 立 人 为 民 前 锋

Behold the burning bush,

Presbyterian glorious sign.

From Bethel we have built Li Sun High,

and our school by God's design.

Firm in hope with fortitude,

we will strengthen our resolve.

Harmony respect for all,

help us every problem solve.

We flourish in eastern values.

We make western advance as our own.

Follow Jesus in every way,

let us all as pioneers be known!

Follow Jesus in every way,

let us all as pioneers be known!


PHS is home to a rich mix of pupils in terms of ethnicity, nationality and socio-economic standing. About 8.4% of the pupils are non-Chinese. Approximately 11% of the student population are non-Singaporeans. Over 44% of their parents have a polytechnic diploma or a university degree.

The school has a total of 36 classes with an average of 8 Express, 2 Normal (Academic) classes and 1 Normal (Technical) class at each of the 4 levels (Secondary 1‑4) and 2 Secondary 5 classes.

The school has integrated its curriculum into three engines of growth - the Academic Excellence Programme, the Learning to Learn Programme and the Character Development Programme.

School CCA[edit]

PHS has been awarded the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Group for 8 years. In 2005, she was ascribed the Direct Schools Admissions (DSA) for Uniformed Group.

In 2007, PHS received its first Sustained Achievement Award for Sports. It was the only school in Singapore with a second DSA through Volleyball. In 2008, PHS achieved its second SAA (Sports).

Performing arts[edit]

Guzheng Ensemble

Symphonic Band



Chinese Orchestra


Games and sports[edit]





Table Tennis


Uniformed groups (niche)[edit]

Boys' Brigade

Girls' Brigade

NCC (Sea and Land)



Clubs and societies[edit]


Audio Engineering

Video Club

Infocom Club

Zion Zone 52.9


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