Prescott National Cemetery

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Prescott National Cemetery
Established 1869
Location Prescott, Arizona
Country United States
Type United States National Cemetery
Size 15.4 acres (6.2 ha)
Number of graves 3,153
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Prescott National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located in the city of Prescott, in Yavapai County, Arizona. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it encompasses 15.4 acres (6.2 ha), and as of the end of 2005 it had 3,153 interments. It is currently closed to new interments.


The cemetery was originally established near Fort Whipple in 1864, but was moved to its present location in 1869 after flash flooding washed out many of the grave sites. Most of the remains interred in the cemetery are from the time of the Indian Wars.

Prescott National Cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Notable monuments[edit]

  • Unknown Soldiers Monument, made of white marble blocks with a cross on top.

Notable interments[edit]


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