Present Arms in Dub

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Present Arms in Dub
Remix album by UB40
Released 10 October 1981
Genre Reggae, dub
Length 33:32
Label DEP International
Producer UB40, Ray "Pablo" Falconer
UB40 chronology
Present Arms
Present Arms in Dub
The Singles Album

Present Arms In Dub is a remix album by UB40 released in October 1981. The album contains eight remixed instrumental versions of original tracks from Present Arms and its bonus 12" single; only the tracks "Don't Let It Pass You By" and "Don't Slow Down" are not remixed and included. The album was the first dub music album to hit the UK top 40. The dub style is characterized as a mainly instrumental version of an existing song, typically emphasizing the drums and bass.

Track Listing Of CD[edit]

  1. "Present Arms In Dub" - 3:04
  2. "Smoke It" - 3:23
  3. "B-line" - 4:36
  4. "Kings Row" - 4:57
  5. "Return Of Dr X" - 5:23
  6. "Walk Out" - 3:13
  7. "One In Ten" - 4:15
  8. "Neon Haze" - 4:21
  9. "Hidden track" - 0:15

Track 9 is a sample of industrial noise that closes the album.

Track listings and the connection to The Present Arms CD album[edit]

Present Arms in Dub CD album Linked to Present Arms CD album
Present Arms In Dub >> Present Arms
Smoke It >> Don't Walk On The Grass ###
B-Line >> Lambs Bread
Kings Row >> Sardonicus
Return Of Dr X >> Dr X ###
Walk Out >> Wild Cat
One In Ten >> One In Ten
Neon Haze >> Silent Witness

The track listing shows that most of the dub versions have different song titles to those used on Present Arms. But as in keeping with typical reggae dubs, they still have some sort of song title connection to the original song title names.


With the advent of the CD release, a lot of confusion has arisen concerning the track list and official documentation. Those that are 100% use to Reggae clearly understand and can clearly hear that "Return of Dr X" is a re-mixed dub version of "Dr X", and "Smoke It" is a dub remix Of "Don't Walk On The Grass"

Confusion to the unskilled and those that wish to follow documentation by the letter (and not their own ears) have assumed that according to the written CD track list of The Present Arms Album.

That the link is between "Don't Walk on The Grass". and "Return of Dr X" and that the other link is between "Dr X"; and "Smoke It".

What they have failed to understand is that when the Present Arms CD was created an obvious labelling error had occurred and in reality the music tracks "Don't walk On The Grass" and "Dr X" have been reversed with the wrong track label assigned to each other's song. (Example: Track 9, written As Don't Walk On The Grass, is actually DR X and vice-a-versa)

A clear listen removes any doubt.

Even better knowledge is gained if the listener is used to the LP versions where no errors occurred


  • Drums - Jim Brown
  • Bass Guitar - Earl Falconer
  • Rhythm Guitar - Ali Campbell
  • Lead Guitar - Robin Campbell
  • Keyboards - Michael Virtue
  • Syn Percussion, Trombone, Congos - Norman Hassan
  • Saxophone - Brian Travers
  • Trumpet - Astro
  • Produced by UB40 - Ray "Pablo" Falconer
  • Recorded at - The Music Center
  • Engineered by - Pete Wandless