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Not to be confused with Office of Counsel to the President.

President's Counsel (postnominal PC) is a professional rank, as their status is conferred by the president, recognised by the courts and wear silk gowns of a special design. It is the equivalent of the rank of Queen's Counsel in the United Kingdom, which was used in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) until 1972 when Sri Lanka became a republic, at which time the position became the senior Attorneys-at-Law but in 1984 the position became the President's Counsel. The holder can use the post-nominal letters PC after his or her name.

By the 8th amendment to the Constitution of 1978 the president of Sri Lanka has the power "to appoint as President's Counsel, Attorneys-at-Law who have reached eminence in the profession and have maintained high standards of conduct and professional rectitude"

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