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The President & Rector of Imperial College is the highest academic official of Imperial College London.[1] The Rector is the chief executive, elected by the Council of the college and Chairman of the Senate.[2] The position is currently held by Keith O'Nions after the resignation of Roy Anderson in November 2009. The post at Imperial College currently has the second highest salary of all UK university heads, behind the Dean of London Business School. Richard Sykes and Roy Anderson had a salary of £429,000 between them for the year 2007–08,[3] this was a 23.3% rise from £348,000 in the previous year.[4]

In 2012 the responsibilities were separated into two posts, the President & Rector whose duty is to "promote Imperial's position as a global university" and Provost who will "be responsible for advancing and delivering the College's core academic mission - education, research and translation."[5] Keith O'Nions now serves as President & Rector, while James Stirling will become the first Provost of Imperial College London in August 2013.[6]

The Rector's residence is a large house on Queen's Gate, at the southwest corner of the college's campus in South Kensington, London.

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