List of Presidents of Calabria

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This is the list of Presidents of Calabria since 1970.

Presidents of Calabria
President Party Term Legislature
Antonio Guarasci DC 1970–1974 I Legislature
Aldo Ferrara DC 1974–1975 I Legislature
Pasquale Perugini DC 1975–1976 II Legislature
Aldo Ferrara DC 1976–1980 II Legislature
Bruno Dominijanni PSI 1980–1985 III Legislature
Francesco Principe PSI 1985–1987 IV Legislature
Rosario Olivo PSI 1987–1990 IV Legislature
Rosario Olivo PSI 1990–1992 V Legislature
Guido Rhodio DC 1992–1994 V Legislature
Donato Veraldi PPI 1994–1995 V Legislature
Giuseppe Nisticò FI 1995–1998 VI Legislature
Battista Caligiuri FI 1998–1999 VI Legislature
Luigi Meduri PPI 1999–2000 VI Legislature
Giuseppe Chiaravalloti Indep. FI 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Agazio Loiero DL/PDM/PD 2005–2010 VIII Legislature
Giuseppe Scopelliti PdL/NCD 2010–... IX Legislature