List of Presidents of Somalia

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President of the
Federal Republic of Somalia
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud-vf2.jpg
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

since 16 September 2012
Style His Excellency
Residence Villa Somalia
Appointer The Electorate
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Aden Abdullah Osman Daar
1 July 1960
Formation 1 July 1960
Coat of arms of Somalia.svg
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The following is a list of the Presidents of Somalia. It only includes people who were internationally recognized as such.

Presidents of Somalia (1960–Present)[edit]

No. Name
Picture Took office Left office Political party
Somali Republic
1 Aden Abdullah Osman Daar
Aden Abdullah Osman Daar.JPG 1 July 1960 10 June 1967 Somali Youth League
2 Abdirashid Ali Shermarke
Abdirashid Ali Shermarke1.jpg 10 June 1967 15 October 1969[1] Somali Youth League
Sheikh Mukhtar Mohamed Hussein
No image.png 15 October 1969 21 October 1969[2] Somali Youth League
Somali Democratic Republic
3 Mohamed Siad Barre
Siabar 003.jpg 21 October 1969 26 January 1991[3] Military /
Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party
Somali Civil War
4 Ali Mahdi Muhammad[4]
(1938– )
No image.png 27 January 1991 3 January 1997 United Somali Congress
Vacant (3 January 1997–27 August 2000)[5]
Transitional National Government
5 Abdiqasim Salad Hassan
(1941– )
Cqaasim.jpg 27 August 2000 14 October 2004 Independent
Transitional Federal Government
6 Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed
Somalian10ef5-1.jpg 14 October 2004 29 December 2008[6] Independent
Adan Mohamed Nuur Madobe
(1957?– )
No image.png 29 December 2008 31 January 2009 Rahanweyn Resistance Army
7 Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
(1967– )
Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, 12th AU Summit, 090202-N-0506A-337-2.jpg 31 January 2009 20 August 2012 Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia
Federal Republic of Somalia
Muse Hassan Sheikh Sayid Abdulle
(1939/40– )
Muse Hassan Abdulle.jpg 20 August 2012 28 August 2012[7] Independent
Mohamed Osman Jawari
(1945– )
Jawarimohd6.png 28 August 2012 16 September 2012 Independent
8 Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
(1955– )
Hassan Sheikh Mohamud-vf2.jpg 16 September 2012 Incumbent Peace and Development Party

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  1. ^ Assassinated
  2. ^ Deposed by Siad Barre
  3. ^ Deposed in the Somali Civil War
  4. ^ From November 1991 to 1995, Ali Mahdi Muhammad enjoyed recognition as President in the international community following the 1991 Djibouti conference: "at the second Djibouti conference (Aideed boycotted the first) held between 15 and 21 July 1991, Ali Mahdi was elected interim President of Somalia for a period of two years[...] Because of the legitimacy conferred on Ali Mahdi by the Djibouti conference, his government was recognized by several countries, including Djibouti, Egypt, Italy, and Saudi Arabia"; c.f. [1].
  5. ^ In the second half of the 1990s, different faction leaders vied for the Presidency, with none receiving international recognition. General Mohamed Farrah Aidid claimed to be President from 15 June 1995 to his death on 1 August 1996, followed by his son Hussein Farrah Aidid from 2 August 1996 to 20 March 1998.
  6. ^ Resigned
  7. ^ From 20 August 2012 to 28 August 2012, Muse Hassan Abdulle served as acting Speaker of the Parliament, and as such, as acting President while elections for a new Speaker and President were forthcoming. Per Article 95 of the provisional constitution: "If the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia falls vacant, the Speaker of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament shall act as President of the Federal Republic until such time as a new President of the Federal Republic is elected, within a maximum of thirty (30) days."; also c.f. – August 2012, [2].