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Fiji's Court of Appeal is chaired by the President of the Court of Appeal. The Chief Justice of Fiji is not permitted to hold this position; in order to give the Court of Appeal a degree of independence from the High Court and the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice, who chairs both courts, is constitutionally disqualified from presiding over, or even sitting on, the Court of Appeal.

The following persons have served as President of the Court of Appeal since it was established in 1999.

President of the Court of Appeal Term of office
Jai Ram Reddy 2000
Sir Timoci Tuivaga [1] 2000 - 2 March 2001
vacant 2001–2002
Jai Ram Reddy 2002–2003
Gordon Ward 2002–present
[1] Although the Chief Justice is not allowed to preside over the Court of Appeal, an anomaly existed in 2000-2001, owing to the suspension of the Constitution by the Interim Military Government in the wake of the Fiji coup of 2000. Accordingly, the Chief Justice, Sir Timoci Tuivaga, assumed the Presidency of the Court of Appeal until constitutional arrangements were restored in March 2001.

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