List of Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago

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This page contains a list of Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago from 1976, when a republic was proclaimed.

Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago (1976–Present)[edit]

# Incumbent Portrait Tenure Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1 Sir Ellis Clarke Sir Ellis Clarke.jpg 1 August 1976 13 March 1987   Non-partisan
2 Noor Hassanali No image.png 19 March 1987 19 March 1997   Non-partisan
3 Arthur N.R. Robinson No image.png 19 March 1997 17 March 2003   Non-partisan
4 George Maxwell Richards Professor George Maxwell Richards 1.jpg 17 March 2003 18 March 2013   Non-partisan
5 Anthony Carmona Anthony Carmona.jpg 18 March 2013 Incumbent   Non-partisan

Living former President[edit]

There is one living former President:

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