Press for Time

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Press for Time
"Press for Time".jpg
Original British 1-sheet poster
Directed by Robert Asher
Produced by Robert Hartford-Davis
Peter Newbrook
Written by Eddie Leslie
Norman Wisdom
Angus McGill (book)
Starring Norman Wisdom
Music by Michael Vickers
Cinematography Jonathan Usher
Edited by Gerry Hambling
Distributed by The Rank organisation ivy productions Titan International Pictures Limited
Release dates 8 December 1966
Running time 102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Press for Time is a 1966 British comedy film starring Norman Wisdom. The screenplay was written by Eddie Leslie and Norman Wisdom, based on the 1963 novel Yea Yea Yea, by Angus McGill. It was partly filmed in Teignmouth in Devon. It was the last film Wisdom made for the Rank Organisation.


Norman Shields (Norman Wisdom) is a local newspaper seller in London. He is happy with his current job, but is sent by his grandfather, the Prime Minister (also played by Wisdom), to take up a new job as a newspaper reporter in the fictional seaside town of Tinmouth.

During his time in Tinmouth he gets himself into all sorts of trouble while on the job reporting (starting an argument at a council meeting, for example). Later in the film he becomes reporter for the entertainment section of the newspaper and covers a beauty contest which his girlfriend Liz wins. They later return to London together, leaving a more politically settled Tinmouth behind.


A then-unknown Helen Mirren had a role in this film, but was uncredited.

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