Pressin' On

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Pressin On
Studio album by Billy Preston
Released 1982
Genre Soul / R&B
Label Motown
Billy Preston chronology
The Way I Am
Pressin' On
On The Air

Pressin' On is the fifteenth studio album by Billy Preston, released in 1982. It was his final album released on Motown Records, although he would briefly return to the label in 1986 to record one single ("Since I Held You Close"). The song "I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye" was used for the Ed Asner/Jodie Foster film O'Hara's Wife.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Pressin' On"
  2. "I'd Like To Go Back Home Again"
  3. "Loving You Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful"
  4. "Turn It Out"
  5. "I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye" (Artie Butler, Molly Ann Leiken)
  6. "Thanks But No Thanks" (Ralph Benatar, Galen Senogles, Geoffrey Leib)
  7. "Don't Try To Fight It" (Ralph Benatar, Galen Senogles)
  8. "I Love You So"
  9. "I Come To Rest In You"