Pressure 4-5

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Pressure 4-5
Origin Santa Barbara, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock
Alternative metal
Nu Metal
Years active 1998–2002
Labels Dreamworks Records
Members Adam Rich (vocals)
Mark Barry (lead guitar)
Joe Schmidt (rhythm guitar)
Lyle McKeany (bass)
Tom Schmidt (drums)

Pressure 4-5 was an alternative rock/metal group hailing from Santa Barbara, California. The band released one studio album, Burning the Process, in October 2001 and toured into the following year. They soon after broke up upon many of the band members leaving for alternate lifestyles not relating to music.

Although often categorized under the alternative and nu metal genres popular at the time, Pressure 4-5, not wanting to be pigeonholed with current trends, insisted they were not metal but rather a "heavy rock band with introspective and somewhat intelligent lyrics" and "not chanting the next rap rock tech phrases in our songs."[1]

Band history[edit]

Formed in January 1998 by vocalist Adam Rich and guitarist Mark Barry, Pressure 4-5 started simply enough, as two college friends forming a band together. Things quickly picked up when another friend from college, Lyle McKeany, joined the group as bassist. Joe Schmidt later joined the band as DJ before switching to rhythm guitar. Jake Folwer joined after seeing an ad at a local drum shop; Schmidt later recruited his brother, Tom, to replace Fowler.

The band's moniker comes from Joe Schmidt's unwillingness to be the group's DJ. He rarely came for practices with the band, which left the remaining members wondering if they'd have 4 or 5 members, hence the name "Pressure 4-5."

In 1999, the band released an independently released EP, entitled Antechnology. They continued performing throughout California and, with the help of music websites and fanzines, quickly built a following. After a warm welcoming from the rock community and a large outpouring of support, Pressure 4-5 was quickly signed to Dreamworks Records in 2000, where they released their only full-length album, Burning The Process, in autumn the following year. Amidst the alternative metal craze, 2001 would prove to be Pressure 4-5's most successful year; they acquired a spot on the Second Stage of Ozzfest 2001 before touring with groups like Dredg, The Used, and Lit. A live October performance in Colorado would also be taped for an MTV special in November. However, of the band's most memorable concert experiences include a sold-out show with Alien Ant Farm at The World following the September 11 terrorist attacks.[2][3]

Unfortunately, the band's success was short lived after the promotion of two singles, "Beat The World," with a music video directed by Marc Webb, and "Melt Me Down." The former performed quite well on modern rock mainstays such as MTV2 during 2001, and Pressure 4-5 started working on new material the following year with new blue graphics draping their website. By spring, their headlining spot on the MTV2 Presents Tour with Apex Theory and Lostprophets also allowed the band to preview their new music to audiences.[4] Further exposure was gained through radio shows with the likes of Blink-182 and 311. After finishing up touring in December, Pressure 4-5 was scheduled to enter the studio to record some new songs in January 2003; however, during this time, numerous band members left (namely Tom Schmidt and Lyle McKeany). The band abruptly called it quits after gathering replacement musicians and recording a few demos that were never released.

Joe Schmidt would later join Primal Tribe with former Implant front man Ben Ofstead and bassist Rob Cantrell. Vocalist Adam Rich is now the vice principal of Will C. Wood High School in Vacaville, California.

Band members[edit]

Final line-up
  • Adam Rich – vocals
  • Joe Schmidt – guitar, turntables
  • Mark Barry – guitar
  • John Miller – bass guitar
  • Andrew Bogert – drums
Previous members
  • Lyle McKeany – bass guitar
  • Jake Fowler – drums
  • Tom Schmidt - drums


Studio albums


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