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Pretaapnarian Shawh Radhecheran (Pretaap) Radhakishun (1934 - 6 January 2001) was a Surinamese politician. He was Prime Minister of Suriname from July 1986 to April 1987.

Originally he was a member of VHP party, however, he switched sides to NDP of Jules Wijdenbosch. Radhakishun served as Vice President from 1996 to 2000 in the cabinet of President Jules Wijdenbosch.[1] Radhakishun and Wijdenbosch were defeated in the 2000 general elections by Ronald Venetiaan who led a coalition which included Radhakishun's former party. Venetiaan accused both Wijdenbosch and Radhakishun of mishandling government funds after the elections.


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