Prezë Castle

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Prezë Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e Prezës) is a castle in Prezë, western Albania.

Preza Castle overlooks the village with the same name and is located on a hilltop. It is a small castle the construction of which started in the 14th century and was completed in the early 15th century and belonged to the Topias, a local feudal family. The castle has been declared a 'monument of culture'. It has four towers, one in each corner. The clock tower was erected around 1800-1850. It is known for its beautiful location, overlooking the Tirana plain. The castle is quite close to the Mother Theresa International Airport. A restaurant and other service facilities are found inside the castle.


Coordinates: 41°25′52″N 19°40′19″E / 41.431°N 19.672°E / 41.431; 19.672