PrfA thermoregulator UTR

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PrfA thermoregulator UTR
Predicted secondary structure and sequence conservation of PrfA
Symbol PrfA
Rfam RF00038
Other data
RNA type Cis-reg; thermoregulator
Domain(s) Bacteria
SO 0000233

The PrfA thermoregulator UTR is an RNA thermometer found in the 5' UTR of the prfA gene.[1] In Listeria monocytogenes, virulence genes are maximally expressed at 37°C (human body temperature) but are almost silent at 30°C.[2] The genes are controlled by PrfA, a transcriptional activator whose expression is thermoregulated.[3] It has been shown that the untranslated mRNA (UTR) preceding prfA, forms a secondary structure, which masks the ribosome binding region.[1] It is thought that at 37°C, the hairpin structure 'melts' and the SD sequence is unmasked.[1]


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