Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy

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Pride and Prejudice
Directed by Andrew Black
Produced by Jason Faller,
Kynan Griffin
Written by Jane Austen,
Anne K. Black,
Jason Faller,
Katherine Swigert
Starring Kam Heskin,
Orlando Seale,
Ben Gourley,
Lucila Solá,
Henry Maguire
Carmen Rasmusen
Music by Ben Carson
Distributed by Excel Entertainment Group
Release dates 2003
Running time 104 min.
Language English
Budget $350,000

Pride & Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy is a 2003 independent film adaptation/updating of Jane Austen's novel, set in modern-day Provo, Utah, at Brigham Young University. The characters are Latter-day Saints (LDS). The film received largely negative reviews outside Mormon enclaves such as Utah; some of the humor and plot devices derive from and require an understanding of Mormon social and religious mores.

Cast and crew[edit]

References to Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice[edit]

  • Lizzy's university class is studying Jane Austen
  • There is a portrait of Jane Austen in Darcy's ski cabin
  • Lydia's pug's name is "Austen." A pet pug is also found in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.
  • The restaurant that Lizzy meets Darcy in is called "Rosings." In the book, Rosings Park is the home of Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and also the place where Elizabeth turns down Darcy's first proposal.
  • Lydia and Jack plan to get married in Las Vegas chapel that has a Scottish theme. In the book, Lydia and Wickham must go to Scotland to marry because they can do so more quickly than they could in England (see Gretna Green Marriage).
  • The girls' residence is on a street called Longbourn. In the book the Bennet estate is Longbourn.
  • In the "more religious" version, Collins refers to his mission president, "President deBourgh," the way Collins refers to Lady de Bourgh in the book.
  • Lydia and Kitty's last name in the film is Meryton, the nearest town to the Bennett estate at Longbourn.


  1. "Nothing Wrong" (Stephanie Smith)
  2. "Cake"
  3. "Be With You" (Carmen Rasmusen)
  4. "Bookstore Suite"
  5. "Pillowtalk"
  6. "All the Way" (Trey Warner)
  7. "Dream on Dream" (Jeff Foster)
  8. "Jane's Attraction"
  9. "Elizabeth's Dream"
  10. "My Baby" (Ben Carson)
  11. "Bling Bling Daddy" (Scott Reinwand)
  12. "Not Enough of You" (Ben Carson)
  13. "Gathering"
  14. "Unexpected Song" (Sarah Brightman)
  15. "Condition of Desperation" (Randy Porter)
  16. "Cowboy Rompin'" (Brilliant Stereo Mob)
  17. "Match Point"
  18. "Bingley Leaves"
  19. "Self Portrait" (Stephanie Smith)
  20. "Solid Comma Girl" (Brilliant Stereo Mob)
  21. "Mutual Attraction"
  22. "Life" (Coolhand)
  23. "Can't Stand the Way You See Me" (Ben Carson/Scott Reinwand)
  24. "My Giant" (Stephanie Smith)
  25. "Nothing Wrong Reprise" (Jamen Brooks)

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