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This article is about Primavera Systems, a US-based developer of Project Portfolio Management software. For other uses, see Primavera (software).
Oracle Primavera (formerly Primavera Systems, Inc)
Industry Computer Software
Project Portfolio Management
Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
Fate Primavera Systems Inc. became Oracle Primavera when acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008
Founded 1983
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA, USA

Primavera Systems, Inc was a private company providing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software to help project-intensive organizations identify, prioritize, and select project investments and plan, manage, and control projects and project portfolios of all sizes. On January 1, 2009 Oracle Corporation took legal ownership of Primavera.

History of Primavera Systems, Inc[edit]

Primavera Systems, Inc. was founded on May 1, 1983 by Joel Koppelman, Les Seskin and Dick Faris. It traded as a private company based in Pennsylvania (USA), developing software for the Project Portfolio Management market. To help expand its product capabilities, Primavera acquired Eagle Ray Software Systems in 1999, Evolve Technologies (a professional services automation vendor) in 2003, ProSight [2][3] (an IT portfolio management software vendor) in 2006, and, in the same year, Pertmaster (a project risk management software vendor).[1][2]

In 2008, Oracle announced it was acquiring Primavera,[3] turning it into the Primavera Global Business Unit (PGBU).

In 2011, Joel Koppelman announced his retirement and was succeeded by Mike Sicilia, SVP and General Manager. The co- founder, Dick Faris, remains in the PGBU as Sr Vice President, Customers.

Software by Primavera Systems, Inc.[edit]

As of 2008, Primavera Systems was supporting long-established products P3 and Sure-Trak, and newer P6 version. The long-standing P3 product in its various forms was used by 25% of the heavy construction industry, its predominate customer base; the next most popular software was used by 11%.[4] Nearly 40% of general contractors with an annual revenue of $5M to $10M used Primavera P3. In comparison the P6 version did not register in a CFMA 2008 survey of the United States construction industry. The P3 version to P6 version change is based in a move from DOS-type shortcut keys to mouse-based icons. The result is a software application that was once very fast to use but grounded in shortcut functions some found difficult to master, to a mouse-based application that is quicker to learn, but once mastered never achieves the same speed of use. The Primavera Project Planner DOS core launched in 1983[5] and the P3 Windows interface launched in 1994.[6] After a 27-year run Oracle ceased sales of the P3 and SureTrak versions on December 31, 2010.[7]

Current Software by Oracle Primavera[edit]

Today, Oracle Primavera services project-intensive industries such as engineering and construction, aerospace and defense, utilities, oil and gas, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, automotive, financial services, communications, travel and transportation, healthcare, and government.

The PGBU is currently focusing on providing web-based Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software that encompasses resource allocation, cost reduction, supply-chain efficiency, and decision-making―using real-time data, for the Enterprise market.

  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • Primavera P6 Professional Project Management
  • Primavera P6 Analytics
  • Primavera Portfolio Management
  • Primavera Contract Management
  • Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Primavera Inspire for SAP
  • Primavera Earned Value Management
  • Primavera Contractor
  • Primavera Unifier

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