Prime Minister of Azerbaijan

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Prime Minister of
the Republic of Azerbaijan
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Dmitry Medvedev in Azerbaijan 3 July 2008-1.jpg
Artur Rasizade

since 4 November 2003
Appointer Ilham Aliyev,
as President of Azerbaijan
Inaugural holder Hasan Hasanov
Formation 7 February 1991
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
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The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan is the head of government of Azerbaijan. The current prime minister is Artur Rasizade.

List of Heads of Government of Azerbaijan (1918–present)[edit]

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918–1920)[edit]

Prime Ministers[edit]

Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (1922–1936) and Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1936–1991)[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[edit]

Republic of Azerbaijan (1991–present)[edit]

Prime Ministers[edit]

# Name Image Took Office Left Office Party
1 Hasan Hasanov No image.png 7 February 1991 7 April 1992 Independent
Firuz Mustafayev
No image.png 7 April 1992 18 May 1992 Independent
2 Rahim Huseynov No image.png 18 May 1992 26 January 1993 Independent
Ali Masimov
No image.png 26 January 1993 28 April 1993 Independent
3 Panah Huseynov No image.png 28 April 1993 7 June 1993 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
4 Surat Huseynov No image.png 27 June 1993 6 October 1994 Military
5 Fuad Guliyev No image.png 6 October 1994 20 July 1996 New Azerbaijan Party
6 Artur Rasizade Dmitry Medvedev in Azerbaijan 3 July 2008-1.jpg 20 July 1996 4 August 2003 New Azerbaijan Party
7 Ilham Aliyev Lech Kaczynski Ilham Alijew (09).jpg 4 August 2003 4 November 2003 New Azerbaijan Party
(6) Artur Rasizade Dmitry Medvedev in Azerbaijan 3 July 2008-1.jpg 4 November 2003 Incumbent New Azerbaijan Party

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