Prime minister (Chu State)

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The post of lingyin (Chinese: 令尹; pinyin: Lìngyǐn), translated as prime minister or chancellor, was an official government position established in the Chu state during the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history (771 – 475 BCE).

King Wu of Chu (reigned 740 – 690 BCE) first established the position of lingyin which remained the most important government office in Chu until its destruction by the Qin state in 223 BCE.

The post was normally given to a member of the Chu king's family and records show that only two Chu lingyins were not related to the Chu king. They were Peng Zhongshuang (彭仲爽), a civilian from the Shen state, at the time of King Wen of Chu (reigned 689 – 677 BCE) and the Wei general Wu Qi during the reign of King Dao of Chu (reigned 401 – 381 BCE).