Primer día

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"Primer Día"
Single by Julieta Venegas
from the album Limón y Sal
Released May, 2007 (Europe)
June 1, 2007 (America)
Format CD single
Recorded Mondomix (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Genre Reggae, Hip-hop, Latin pop
Length 3:57
Label Sony International
Writer(s) Julieta Venegas,Dante Spinetta
Producer(s) Cachorro López
Julieta Venegas singles chronology
"Eres Para Mí"
"Primer Día"
"Mi principio"

"Primer día" (English "First Day") is a song by Julieta Venegas and Argentinean rapper Dante Spinetta, which was the third single from the album Limón y Sal.

Song information[edit]

The song was written for Julieta Venegas and Dante Spinetta and produced by Cachorro López. The song is about two people who have finished already but for the first time will say what you feel after having finished their relationship.

Video music[edit]

The video was shot in a city in Argentina, the director was Joaquín Cambre.

The video shows Dante Spinetta walking down the city with a typical fruit vendor attire, pushing a kart loaded with watermelon, while Julieta, dressed in Asian motifs, tours the city in the back seat of a taxi. The two meet by chance when the taxi accidentally cuts Dante's way abruptly and the fruit splatters on the street.

The audience is then shown a series of still takes and animations of Julieta dressed as a stereotypical ninja fighting with a sword, while Spinetta raps in front of typical ninja-movie imagery. After a little singing in the cab, another set of stills and animations with the singers dressed up in a more modern style with slot machine and other casino imagery in the back ground. Then Julieta sings in the taxi a little more.

After that, both styles of the previous animations are shown. Then Venegas and Spinetta are seen walking through a street market, singing the rest of the song.

Tracking list[edit]

CD Single[1]
  1. "Primer Día" featuring Dante Spinetta — 3:56


Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (2007) Speak
Spain (PROMUSICAE)[2] 13