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This article is about Prince Daniyal of India. For other uses, see Prince Daniel (disambiguation).
Daniyal Mirza
Prince of Mughal Empire
Sultan Daniyal Mirza 1600-1650.jpg
Full name
Shahzada Sultan Daniyal Mirza
Dynasty Timurid
Father Emperor Akbar
Born September 11, 1572
Died 8 April 1604

Shahzada Sultan Daniyal Mirza (11 September 1572 – 8 April 1604[1]) was an Imperial Prince of the Timurid Dynasty (Royal House of Timur) who served as the Viceroy of Deccan. He was the third son of Emperor Akbar the Great and the brother of the Emperor Jahangir. His two sons were executed by Shah Jahan in 23 Jan 1658.


Daniyal was born on 11 September 1572. Akbar allowed him to be brought up by Raja Bharmal's wife in Amer, as a gesture of honour to the raja's family.[2] He was made the Subahdar (Governor) of the Deccan from 21 April 1601 to April 1604. He was appointed to an Imperial mansab of 7,000 soldiers. He had nine wives:[3]

He had three more Rajput princesses as spouses.

Persian poet, Naw'i Khabushani prostrates himself before Prince Daniyal.

After the Jahangir's death on October 28, 1627, Daniyal's nephew, Prince Shahryar ascended to the Mughal throne, as Empress Nur Jahan desired. Since he was in Lahore at the time, he immediately took over the royal treasury and distributed over 70 lac rupees amongst old and new noble men to secure his throne. Meanwhile, Mirza Baisinghar, Daniyal's son, on the death of the Emperor, fled to Lahore, and joined Prince Shahryar.

On Jumada-l awwal 2, 1037 AH (December 30, 1627[4]), Prince Khurram was proclaimed as the Emperor Shah Jahan I at Lahore, and on Jumada-l awwal 26, 1037 AH (January 23, 1628[4]) upon his orders, Dawar Bakhsh, his brother Garshasp, Shahryar, and Tahmuras and Hoshang, sons of the deceased Prince Daniyal, were all put to death by Asaf Khan,[5] who was ordered by Shah Jahan to send them "out of the world", which he faithfully carried out.[6] His son, Prince Hoshang, was married to Hoshmand Banu Begum, the daughter of Prince Dawar.[7]

Mother's Identity[edit]

He was born to Mariam uz Zamani Begum.


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