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The French noble title Prince de Wagram began with Louis Alexandre Berthier who in 1806 was created sovereign prince of Neuchâtel by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1809, Bonaparte granted him a second title, that of Prince de Wagram.

After Louis Alexandre Berthier, the inheritors of the dual title (duc de Valengin) are most often referred to as "Prince de Wagram." Each of them lived at Château de Grosbois, a large estate in Boissy-Saint-Léger, Val-de-Marne, southeast of Paris.

Because the 4th Prince de Wagram had not yet married when he was killed in action during World War I, the title became extinct.

  1. Louis Alexandre Berthier, 1st Prince de Wagram (February 20, 1753 - June 1, 1815)
  2. Napoléon Alexandre Louis Joseph Berthier, 2nd Prince de Wagram (September 10, 1810 - February 10, 1887)
  3. Louis Philippe Marie Alexandre Berthier, 3rd Prince de Wagram (March 24, 1836 - July 15, 1911)
  4. Alexandre Louis Philippe Marie Berthier, 4th Prince de Wagram (July 20, 1883 - May 30, 1918).

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