Prince of Wales Secondary School

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Prince of Wales Secondary School
Prince of Wales's feathers Badge.svg
"Ich Dien"
I Serve
2250 Eddington Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6L 2E7, Canada
School number 03939019
School board School District 39 Vancouver
Superintendent Dr. Steve Cardwell
Principal Mr. Jim Burnham
Vice principal Ms. Karen Coflin
Mr. Andy Wilson
School type Secondary school
Grades 8-12
Language English
Area Arbutus Ridge
Team name Walesmen
Colours Black and Gold         
Founded 1920
Enrollment 1311

Prince of Wales Secondary School is a public secondary school located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Prince of Wales is named in honour of the Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the Canadian throne. The ostrich feather and crown symbol, and the Ich dien motto of the school are identical to those of its namesake. Prince of Wales opened for classes in September 1920 at its original site, which is now Shaughnessy Elementary School. In 1960 it moved to its current location, which had previously been a golf course and a marsh.

Programs offered[edit]

Mini School Program[edit]

Prince of Wales Secondary School.

Prince of Wales Mini School seeks co-operative, creative, self-motivated and well-rounded students who have demonstrated above average academic achievement and involvement in school and community. The school aims to develop organizational skills, problem-solving techniques, and the ability to work cooperatively and independently in an academically challenging, enriched program requiring effort and self-discipline. An outdoor education component provides physical and emotional challenges, developing skills and contributing to the school community atmosphere. Students develop leadership skills through running school events and fund raising.

TREK Outdoor Education Program[edit]

The TREK program is offered for grade 10 students from schools throughout the Vancouver School District with an interest in outdoor activities and environmental education.

The program admits 112 students each year, who are separated into two terms. One term finishes most of the regular grade 10 academic curriculum (all of science 10, math 10 and French/Spanish 10, and half of English 10, socials 10 and planning 10 credits) while the other participates in outdoor activities including overnight and day trips that teach basic outdoor skills, minimum impact camping, hiking and backpacking, ocean kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, back-country (telemark) skiing, cross-country (Nordic) skiing, snow shelter building & winter camping, avalanche awareness, cycle touring, outdoor cooking, and map & compass navigation, and an in classroom focus on sustainability and the environment. Halfway through the year (the end of January/beginning of February)the terms switch.

Gifted Learning Disabled Program[edit]

The GOLD program is a district program for students who have been identified as having gifted potential, and who also have a learning disability. Students in the program have at least one GOLD block as part of their regular timetable. GOLD English is also offered at the grade 8 level. The curriculum of the program includes communication skills, decision making, subject and personal support, strategies, self-awareness and self-advocacy. Individual Education Plans are prepared with all students. The IEP's allow a student to get special adaptations such as extended time for tests, reduced workloads and alternative assignments. A lot of students in GOLD have a Written Output Disorder and lack of organizational skills. However the acceptance rate is very low with an average of about 8 students per year.

Notable alumni[edit]

Kim Campbell received 1964's Merit Award scholarship


  • Prince of Wales Secondary School operates on a linear timetable on a Day 1 / Day 2 rotation, from September to June. Each day has four (4) blocks of 1 hour and 15 minutes of instruction in each block. The blocks rotate four times a year and each day classes begin at 8:35 a.m. and end at 3:03 p.m.

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