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This article is about the imperial princes titled 吳王 in Chinese. For the independent lords who used the same Chinese title, see King of Wu.

Prince of Wu (Chinese: t 吳王, s , p Wúwáng) was an imperial Chinese title referring to imperial princes granted nominal dominion over the former lands of Wu around Suzhou on the lower Yangtze.

This title is identical in Chinese to that held by the kings of Wu, but it is common in English to distinguish between the scions of the imperial dynasties (translated "prince") and the dynasties of independent lords (translated "king"). This translation is somewhat infelicitous for the early Han princes, who were quite autonomous and powerful before being reined in after an unsuccessful revolt in 154 BC.

Princes of Wu[edit]




  • Zhu Su (1361–1425), 5th son of Hongwu Emperor, created as Prince of Wu in 1370 and changed to Prince of Zhou in 1378.
  • Zhu Yuntong (1378–1402), 3rd son of Zhu Biao, grandson of Hongwu Emperor, created as Prince of Wu in 1399.

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