Princess Ōta

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Princess Ōta
Issue Princess Ōku
Prince Ōtsu
Father Emperor Tenji
Mother Lady Ochi
Born 644?
Died 668 (aged 23–24)?

Princess Ōta (大田皇女 Ōta no himemiko?) (644? - 668?) was royalty in Japan during the Asuka Period. She was the eldest daughter of Emperor Tenji. She was the elder sister of Princess Uno-Sarara. She was the mother of Princess Ōku and Prince Ōtsu. Her mother was Lady Ochi, whose father was Soga no Kurayamada no Ishikawamaro.

She was not in good health by nature. She died around 668 when Princess Ōku was seven years old and Prince Ōtsu five. Her body was buried on the 27th day of the second month in that year, together with Empress Saimei and Ohta's aunt, Empress Dowager Hashibito.