Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

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Princess Angela
Princess of Liechtenstein; Countess Rietberg
Spouse Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein
Issue Prince Alfons Constantin Maria
Full name
Angela Gisela Brown
Father Javier Francisco Brown
Mother Silvia Maritza Burke
Born (1958-02-03) 3 February 1958 (age 57)
Bocas del Toro, Panama
Religion Roman Catholicism

Liechtensteiner Princely Family

HSH The Prince
HSH The Princess

Styles of
Princess Angela of Liechtenstein
Lesser Coat of arms of Liechtenstein.svg
Reference style Her Serene Highness
Spoken style Your Serene Highness
Alternative style Ma'am

Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (3 February 1958) is the wife of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.[1] She is the first person of known African origin to marry a member of a reigning European dynasty.[2] The marriage having been authorized by the monarch, her biracial son, Prince Alfons (b. London, 18 May 2001), is in the line of succession to the Liechtensteiner throne.[2]

Early life[edit]

Princess Angela was born in Bocas del Toro, Panama as Angela Gisela Brown, the daughter of Javier Francisco Brown and Silvia Maritza Burke.[1] She is of Afro-Panamanian descent and is a fashion designer.[2]

She is graduated from Parsons School for Design.[3]


In 1999 the Principality of Liechtenstein's Information Bureau announced the forthcoming nuptials of the second son of the reigning prince, Hans Adam II, Prince Maximilian, to Angela Brown.[4] On 29 January 2000, at 11:00 am, she married Prince Maximilian at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City.[1] The marriage was groundbreaking, bringing a person of Afro-American ancestry into one of the few still reigning families in Europe by a marriage which obtained the prior consent and full support of the groom's sovereign and father, who also attended the wedding.[2][4] While some members of the dynasty were said to be shocked and to consider the interracial marriage "the end of an era", others were said to have expressed support.[4]

Since her marriage Princess Angela participates, sometimes with her son, in ceremonial events in the Principality.[4]

Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela have one child:

  • Prince Alfons Constantin Maria of Liechtenstein (b. London, 18 May 2001).[2]

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