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Princess Diana Bible is a gay version of Bible proposed in the fictitious world shown in the movie Horror in the Wind.

In 2008, shortly after sending the movie for distribution, Max Mitchell, the director and producer of the movie, announced that he would be publishing the Princess Diana Bible. This proposed version of the Bible would respond to the desiress of the gays and lesbian world which have been presented in the movie.[1]

Plans for an announced new translation of the Bible, which answers the needs of homosexuals, became a focus of criticism by members of few Christian churches in the USA. Criticism of the idea became stronger when the author of the idea announced that his translation of the Bible would be called the Gay Old Testament and the Gay New Testament.[1][2]

This proposed new version of the Bible had been titled Princess' Diana Bible to commemorate Princess Diana's friendliness with the lesbian and gay people. However, there is no actual evidence that the project was ever seriously begun, and it has never been published. The website for this project no longer exists and no further news of this project has been seen since 2008.


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