Hatice Sultan (daughter of Ahmed III)

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Hatice Sultan
House House of Osman
Father Ahmed III
Born  ?
Ottoman Empire
Died  ?
Ottoman Empire
Religion Islam

Hatice Sultan was an Ottoman princess, daughter of Ahmed III and consort to Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha. She is considered to have been politically active and exerted influence on the affairs of state during the late Tulip era (1703–1730).


Hatice Sultan was married very young but, as was tradition with Ottoman princesses, did not live with her husband until several years after the marriage. Generally Ottoman princesses could marry as children, but their spouses were not permitted to see them alone until they were at least thirteen years old.

She was described as having had a large political influence on both her father, who left the ruling to her husband, and on her husband, the Grand Vizier. Some sources regard her as the real ruler of the later part of the Tulip era. She was said to have assisted the Marquis de Villeneuve, French ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1728–1741, in favor of an Ottoman policy benefitting to French interests during the Russo-Austrian-Turkish War (1735–1739).[1] She has been referred to[2] as the last de facto female ruler of the Ottoman Empire.[3]

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