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Princess Nukata (額田王 Nukata no Ōkimi?, c. 630–690 CE) (also known as Princess Nukada) was a Japanese poet of the Asuka period.

The daughter of Prince Kagami and supposed younger sister of Princess Kagami, Nukata became Emperor Temmu's favorite wife and bore him a daughter, Princess Tōchi (who would become Emperor Kōbun's consort). A legend claims that she later became consort to Emperor Tenji, Emperor Temmu's elder brother, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Nukata was one of the great female poets of her time; thirteen of her poems appear in the Man'yōshū: #7–9, 16–18, 20, 112, 113, 151, 155, 488, and 1606. (#1606 is a repeat of #488.) Two of the poems are reprinted in the later poetry collections Shinchokusen Wakashū and Shinshūi Wakashū. Poem #9 is known as one of the most difficult poems within the Man'yōshū to interpret.[1]


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