Princess Ayako Takeda

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Princess Ayako Takeda in 1930

Princess Ayako Takeda (禮子女王 Ayako Joō?, July 4, 1913 – September 3, 2003) was a granddaughter of Emperor Meiji and Sono Sachiko. She was niece of Emperor Taisho and his wife Empress Teimei, Fusako Kitashirakawa and her husband Prince Kitashirakawa Naruhisa, Princess Nobuko Asaka and her husband Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, and Toshiko Higashikuni and her husband Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni. She was a daughter of Princess Masako Takeda and her husband Prince Tsunehisa Takeda and the sister of Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda.[1]

She married Count Sano Tsunemitsu and had four children.

Takeda died on September 3, 2003. Her grave is in Aoyama Cemetery, and the stone is marked with her Christian name, Maria (マリヤ).


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