Princess Tōchi

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Empress Tōchi (Toči)
Empress consort of Japan
Spouse Emperor Kōbun
Issue Prince Kadono
Father Emperor Temmu
Mother Princess Nukata
Born 653?
Died May 3, 678 (the 7th Day of the 4th Month of the 7th Year of Temmu's reign)
Kiyomihara Palace, Asuka, Japan

Princess Tōchi (十市皇女?, 648? – May 3, 678 (the 7th Day of the 4th Month of the 7th Year of Temmu's reign)) was a Japanese Imperial princess during the Asuka period of Japanese history.


Princess Tōchi was a daughter of Emperor Temmu. Her mother was Princess Nukata, who was known as a court poet. She married Prince Ōtomo, who became Emperor Kōbun. They lived in the capital of Omikyō, Ōmi Province (currently Ōtsu, Shiga). He succeeded after his father (Emperor Tenji) died, and she subsequently became Empress-consort.

In 678, she was appointed a Saiō by divination and was supposed to leave her residence to stay in Saikū (斎宮), the abstinence palace, in the 7th day of the 4th month. She suddenly died in the residence. According to Nihon shoki, she died from sudden illness, but quite a few historians insist she killed herself.[who?]

When she died, Prince Takechi composed three verses of lamentation in her honour (from his verses collected in Man'yōshū).

She was buried at a place mentioned as Akō in the Nihon shoki, which could be Akō, Hyōgo.

Dedicated shrines[edit]

Himegamisha Shrine
Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Empress Yamato
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Empress Kōmyō