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Princess Taki (託基皇女?, ? - February 25, 751 (the 25th Day of the 1st Month of the Tempyō-Shōhō 3)) was a Japanese princess during the Asuka period of Japanese history. She was a daughter of Emperor Temmu, a wife of Prince Shiki and the mother of Prince Kasuga. She was a Saio.


She is a daughter of Emperor Temmu and Lady Kajihime, whose father is Shishibito no Omi Ōmaro. Her siblings are Prince Osakabe, Princess Hatsusebe and Prince Shigi.

The first record on her is that she visited Ise Jingu Shrine to see the Saio, Princess Ōku, in 686.

On the ninth month, tenth day of 698, she was selected by divination as the next Saio. The Saio system had been suspended since Princess Ōku resigned from the Saio in 686. Emperor Mommu wished to set up the system again and let a princess serve the Goddess of Ise at all times.

In the first month of 701, she was suddenly dismissed from the position of Saio. After she returned the capital she got married with Prince Shiki and gave birth to Prince Kasuga. She lived with her husband until he died in 716.

According to Nihonshoki, she was conferred as the rank of Ippon on the fourth month, 14th day of 749.