Princeton Cannon Song

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The Princeton Cannon Song is a fight song that was written by Joseph Frederick Hewitt and Arthur Herbert Osborn, both members of the Princeton University Class of 1907. Hewitt and Osborn dedicated the song to their class.[1]

The lyrics:

In Princeton town we've got a team
that knows the way to play.
With Princeton spirit back of them,
they're sure to win the day.
With cheers and song we'll rally 'round
the cannon as of yore,
And Nassau's walls will echo with
the Princeton Tiger's roar:
(And then we'll)
Crash through that line of blue,
and send the back on 'round the end!
Fight, fight for ev'ry yard,
Princeton's honor to defend.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Rah! Tiger sis boom ah!
And locomotives by the score!
For we'll fight with a vim
that is dead sure to win,
for Old Nassau.



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