Principality of Dukagjini

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Principality of Dukagjini
Principata e Dukagjinit

Dukagjini Principality in the 15th century
Capital Lezha
Languages Albanian
Religion Catholic
Government Principality
 -  1387-1393 Pal Dukagjini and Leka I Dukagjini
 -  1393-1413 Tanush Dukagjini
 -  1413-1438 Pal II Dukagjini
 -  1438-1444 Lekë III Dukagjini
Historical era Medieval
 -  Established 1387
 -  Disestablished 1444

Principality of Dukagjini (1387–1444) was a principality in Medieval Albania.[1] It was created by brothers Pal and Leka I Dukagjini and then ruled by Pal's descendants, Tanush Dukagjini, Pal II Dukagjini, who took part in the League of Lezha.[2] Pal's son, Lekë III Dukagjini is one of the most prominent personalities in Albanian history.

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