Prinsesa ng Banyera

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Prinsesa ng Banyera
Prinsesa ng Banyera.jpg
Sino ang tunay na prinsesa?
Format Drama, Soap opera
Created by ABS-CBN
Directed by Andoy Ranay
Rechie Del Carmen
Starring Kristine Hermosa
Angelika dela Cruz
Ara Mina
TJ Trinidad
Rafael Rosell
Theme music composer George Canseco
Ending theme "Dito Ba?" by Sheryn Regis
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog
No. of episodes 158 (total)
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run October 8, 2007 – May 23, 2008

Prinsesa ng Banyera (lit. Princess of the Fish Bucket) is a weekday daytime telenovela of ABS-CBN, from October 8, 2007 to May 23, 2008 which aired after Wowowee. It stars Kristine Hermosa, Angelika dela Cruz and Ara Mina. It ruled the Afternoon Programming Mass and was also shown Worldwide through The Filipino Channel Weekdays and its Affiliate Kapamilya Channel and Saturdays as a 5-episode Marathon.

The TV series also aired in Malaysia via TV3 (Malaysia) weekdays in 2010.


The TV Series marked Kristine Hermosa's comeback to television drama and her first daytime telenovela for the network this marked her second pairing with her successful team up with actor TJ Trinidad the series was also a planned Primetime Project the series was also delayed one week internationally but aired the entire first week on its Saturday afternoon block on TFC the series received well and mixed reviews because it used formulas from Mexican and Pinoy storylines this also served a comeback for 80s model and actress Lyka Ugarte in her acting career the series was moved to 2:45 pm after time slot issues thismarked Angelika Dela Cruz's second television rivalry with Kristine Hermosa after the 2003-2004 Internationally Acclaimed Drama Sanay Wala Nang Wakas after Angelika Dela Cruz departed from her home network in late 2007 Ara Mina and Oyo Sotto from GMA-7 transferred to the network as regulars and successfully raised ratings.


Prinsesa Ng Banyera is an Afternoon Soap Opera on ABS-CBN and became the first Afternoon Drama with a Primetime Storyline Maningning (Kristine Hermosa) grew up living in the cruelty of her mother (Jaclyn Jose) because of love and how her mother lived her life now to her opinion is Maningning's fault the story revolves around the fish market, and the real lives of people in the underworld where men rule the ports and Ghetto, while Maningning has hopes of finding her sister Mayumi (Angelika de la Cruz) who is now Daphne Pierra she was adopted by a rich Prominent family and a scheming mother (Lyka Ugarte) Mayumi who now lives the life she ever wanted never knew her faith and true identity will creep back to her as Maningning is now a Laundry woman for the Pierra's as she hides the truth that she is skipping school to give her brother Hagabat, a good life and saving money for an education and into this dismay Daphne. does not know that Maningning is her sister whose fiance Charles (Rafael Rosell) has a certain like for Maningning, but Daphne, is not even wanted by Charles' mother, but Daphne has plans to ruin Maningning and as time begins to creep up Maningning finds out Daphne's real identity, their last remembrance together now is at their home in the pier as they reunite but someone ends up shooting Daphne unknowingly and Maningning is blamed by Daphne's mother a new woman arrives by the name of Cassandra Ynarez (Ara Mina) who ends up doing harm in Maningning's life.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Actor Character Character Description
Kristine Hermosa Maningning Burgos Maningning is very loving and caring towards her family. Since childhood, she’s always been the darling of the fish port where she is endearingly called the "Prinsesa ng Banyera"—the tough chick among the equally tough men who are her dear and precious friends, the rose among the thorns. She's the twin sister of Mayumi Burgos/Daphne Pertierra.

She is beautiful, sweet-looking but is tough. She is sincere, kindhearted yet practical and honest.

Ara Mina Cassandra Ynarez Sigmund Pertierra's long lost daughter. She and Eleanor team up to make Maningning's life miserable. She wants Sigmund to pay for all the pain he caused to her and her family.[1]
TJ Trinidad Eric Fragante Grew up without knowing who his real parents are, but is content and happy with his life. He is good-looking in a dirty, dowdy way. Eric is now a jeepney driver with a dream of becoming a lawyer. Eric is one of Maningning’s friends in the neighborhood, the one who truly cares for her.
Rafael Rosell Charles Perrei The rich handsome son of Rosa. Has always been Mayumi’s object of affection. Mayumi doesn’t know it’s her twin sister he truly loves. His rival to Maningning’s heart is his own brother; Eric Fragante.
Jacklyn Jose Virgie Burgos The mother of twins, Maningning and Mayumi. In her pursuit to love unconditionally, Virgie falls victim to the exploitation of others. Her simple heart cannot fathom the tragic events in her life. So she lived her live bitter and full of rage.
Dino Imperial Habagat Burgos Maningning and Mayumi's handsome teenage brother. He is a good son and a good student but will later on be caught in the ways of crime and illegal business. Habagat is a typical teenager who is pressured with having the finer things in life. He'll eventually fall in love with sweet Sandy.
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino Rosa Perrei Long-time best friend of Virgie who works at the bar as a hostess. Because of money, she fooled her own best friend. Now, she’s a high society girl, married to a foreign diplomat. If people find out her awful past, her dreams will be shattered. Rosa doesn't know that Eric is the son that she gave up.
Lollie Mara Doña Consuelo Dona Consuelo is still the strong-willed and dominating matriarch of Sigmund’s household. Despite her disposition, her age starts to drag her slower as she becomes more compassionate, and understanding.
Allan Paule Sigmund Pertierra In his prime, he was the town rich brat who fell in love with Virgie. He is an obedient son to his mother, even to a fault. But whenever his mother is away, he rebels in his own way. At present, he is married to Eleanor.

Former cast[edit]

Actor Character Character Description
Angelika dela Cruz Mayumi Burgos Mayumi is the selfish and manipulative twin of Maningning. Since childhood, she dreams to be rich and have a lavish life for herself even if it meant abandoning the people who love her, including her mother and sister. Everything she ever wanted was not meant for her but is actually destined for her sister, Maningning.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Oyo Boy Sotto as Victor Abad
  • Andi Eigenmann as Sandy
  • Stella Cañete as Nay Myrna
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Harry Medina
  • Frances Makil-Ignacio as Mayor Violeta Villar
  • Jon "Chokoleit" Garcia as Chita
  • Ketchup Eusebio as Bukol
  • Micah Muñoz as Octopus
  • Ping Medina as Armand Arellano
  • Maricar De Mesa-Allado as Lilibeth
  • Lyka Ugarte as Eleanor
  • Mark Denzel Delgado as Bryan
  • Lance Jericho Reblando as Pusit
  • Micah Roi Torre as Ula
  • Isabel Blaesi

Special Participation[edit]

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Production Notes[edit]

  • Director Andoy Ranay, Rechie Del Carmen
  • Business Unit Head Enrico Santos
  • Production Manager Rizza Ebriega
  • Executive Producer Ellen Criste
  • Creative Manager Jake Tordesillas
  • Headwriter Keiko Aquino
  • Writers Lobert Villela, Genesis Rodriguez, Bridgette Ann Rebuca, Jerik de Guzman, Rizalino Pinlac


  • Andrea Eigenmann (who played Sandy) is actually Jacklyn Jose's daughter in real life and this is her first Teleserye before being the lead in just this 2010's recent Primetime Offering Agua Bendita on ABS-CBN
  • Angelika is currently an official Kapuso star. (Transferred to GMA-7). This was her last project as a Kapamilya.
  • Due to Angelika's departure from ABS-CBN to GMA-7, Ara Mina replaced her. Also added is Oyo Sotto. Both Stars are from GMA-7 now to ABS-CBN.
  • This became ABS-CBN's Highest rated Daytime Television Series that ran for 9 months straight and the First Rivalry and casting for Kristine Hermosa and Ara Mina and the Tag Line of the soap was who was "The real Princess of the Television Series"?
  • ABS-CBN adapted the soap to have a characteristic to Fairy tales but set in much of a different world Pinoy style in the gamble outskirts of poverty markets and gambling world but set in a world where there is only one Princess and who is the real Heiress after Angelika Dela Cruz' character Mayumi/Daphne's death in a different world where Men rule the courtyards and woman where just housewives or had to work for a living.
  • This Television series began rumors of Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto seeing each other and became eventually true.
  • The Courtcase between Kristine Hermosa's character that she killed her sister (which was not true) had to have an Advisory by ABS-CBN because of its fictional yet real life situation.
  • Conflict on the set sparked between Past Resident Director Andoy Ranay and Kristine Hermosa sparked news on each sides, and was mostly the biggest news on Television News and Showbiz Magazine Variety Talk shows on its run.

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