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Prism is a notable street artist operating out of Melbourne Australia.

Prism cut his first stencil in 2000 of Australian Prime Minister John Howard, with devil horns. Prism moved to Melbourne in 2001.

In 2002 Prism set up the website Stencil Revolution which has over 15,000 registered members.

Prism's subject matter and choice of topic varies greatly from stencil to stencil. He has worked with many different mediums including: Freehand Graffiti, characters, sculpture and paste-ups.

Prism and his work appear in RASH (2005), Australians first feature documentary film on street art and graffiti. RASH explores the cultural value of street art and graffiti in Australia.

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  • Featured artist in documentary RASH (2005)
  • Book: Stencil graffiti capital : Melbourne, Authors: Jake Smallman & Carl Nyman, New York : Mark Batty Publisher, 2005, ISBN 0-9762245-3-4