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For other uses, see Prisma (disambiguation).
Operator Swedish National Space Board, DLR, CNES
Major contractors Swedish Space Corporation
Launch date 15 June 2010
14:42 UTC[1]
Launch vehicle Dnepr rocket
Mass >200 kg (total mass)

Prisma is a satellite project led by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) which consist of two satellites that fly in formation.[1]

It was launched, along with the PICARD spacecraft, on 15 June 2010 on a Dnepr-1 launcher from Dombarovskiy Cosmodrome, near Yasny, Russia. Its primary objective is to test autonomous formation flying.[1][2]

On 12 August 2010, SSC reported that the two satellites, called Mango and Tango, had separated from each other for the first time.[3]


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