Private Security and Intelligence Service

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Private Security and Intelligence Agency
Type Private military security firm
Industry Private military and security contractors
Founded 1999
Founders Torsten Grunert
Richard Gates
Defunct September, 2012
Headquarters Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and Towson, Maryland, USA
Employees > 150 worldwide

Private Security and Intelligence Service was a German-American private military company founded in 1999 by Torsten Grunert and Richard Gates.

Based in Germany (Cologne) and in the US (Towson), PSIS operated two secret facilities.

FBI search and closure in September 2012[edit]

After a FBI search in the Towson headquarters and a shooting in Cologne, both PSIS facilities were closed in September 2012. It is currently unknown, what the FBI search was about, or if there were any casualties in Cologne.