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Privia PX-310
Privia PX-310
Manufactured by Casio
Technical specifications

32 max.  (ZPI models)[1]

256 max.(AiF models)[2]
Timbrality Multitimbral
Synthesis type


  • ZPI synthesis (early)[1]
  • AiF sound source with linear morphing (latest)[2]
Aftertouch no
Velocity sensitive yes
Keyboard 88-key
External control MIDI

Privia is the name of Casio's digital piano line. They have 4 layer stereo grand piano tone which provides dynamics that are seamlessly articulated using Casio's Linear Morphing sound technology and up to 256 notes of polyphony depending on model. All Privia's feature a Graded Hammer Keyboard action which simulates the action on an acoustic grand. The Privia series has also been known to have excellent quality piano sounds and effects comparable to its competitors like Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai.


The Privia was launched by Casio in 2003, as a new-concept digital piano, made for the masses, with 88 keys, realistic tone and action, at affordable prices. The first Privia was the model PX-100. It was able to be played on a table or optional stand, and was equipped with a digital sound source created by independent sampling of hard and soft grand piano tones.[3]

Digital Pianos[edit]

Upright Pianos[edit]

  • PX-850
  • PX-780
  • PX-750

Stage Pianos[edit]

  • PX-5S - A stage ready variation of the PX-350, the PX-5S adds tone editing and controller capabilities and a new Ivory Touch keybed. The internal speakers and accompaniment were removed to a facilitate the new features. The PX-5S weighs under 25 lbs.
  • PX-350 - The new PX-350 features an LCD display, new improved 4 layer stereo piano tones, a 16 track recorder and new accompaniment capabilities.
  • PX-150 - Entry level piano. Minimalistic look and design.


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