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ProLife Alliance (or simply ProLife) is an advocacy group in the United Kingdom, formed in October 1996. It is opposed to any form of euthanasia and opposes human cloning, abortion and experiments on human embryos. It supports anti-abortion taxation policies and guaranteed maternity and paternity leave. Its leader is Dominica Roberts.

Originally formed as a political party, it put up 56 candidates to contest the 1997 election. The refusal of the BBC to show its television broadcast led to litigation, in which it was ultimately unsuccessful.[1]

The ProLife Alliance gained 20,393 votes in the 2004 European Parliament election. It withdrew from the Electoral Commission's Register in 2004.

In 2003, the Department of Health (DOH) significantly reduced the statistical information it provided about abortions for suspected foetal abnormalities. The ProLife Alliance challenged this under the Freedom of Information Act, and this challenge was supported by the Information Commissioner. An appeal by the DOH to the Information Tribunal failed.[2] The Tribunal rejected the DOH view that personal information would be unreasonably endangered, and commented on the Department's duty to ensure compliance with the Abortion Act and its failure to scrutinise reporting forms "either clinically or substantively".[3] The Department first planned to appeal to the High Court,[4] but subsequently conceded and made the requested information available in July 2011.

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