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Probe may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

  • Atom probe, an atomic-resolution microscope
  • Hybridization probe or chemical probe, used in molecular biology
  • Langmuir probe, an electrode inserted into a plasma to determine temperature and density
  • Periodontal probe, an instrument used in dentistry
  • Space probe, a scientific space exploration mission
  • Test probe, a physical device used to connect electronic test equipment to the device under test
  • A particle or object in theoretical physics whose backreaction is neglected
  • Proxy-based estimating (PROBE), an software estimating process used in the Personal Software Process (PSP) to estimate size and effort
  • Endoscope, a variety of medical imaging devices that are inserted directly into the body
  • Anal probing in popular culture


  • Probe (1972 TV pilot), American TV film written by Leslie Stevens and later made as a TV series called Search
  • Probe (1988 TV series), a television pilot and subsequent TV series created by William Link and Isaac Asimov
  • Probe (parlor game), a discontinued parlor game
  • Probe (StarCraft) or Protoss, a robotic worker in the real-time strategy computer game StarCraft
  • Probe Entertainment Limited, a video game developer
  • Probe (dance theatre company) Probe, Dance Theatre Company
  • Probe Records, sub-label of ABC-Paramount Records
  • "Probing Day", holiday celebrated by the Irkens in Invader Zim
  • P.R.O.B.E., a series of direct to video Doctor Who spinoffs featuring Liz Shaw
  • P.R.O.B.E. Post-occupancy Review Of Building Engineering later revised to Post-occupancy review of Buildings and their Engineering. A series of reviews of the performance of buildings carried out in the UK from 1995 to 1998


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