Process-based management

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Process-based management is a management approach that governs the mindset and actions in an organization. It is a philosophy of how an organization manages its operations, aligned with and supported by the vision, mission and values of the organization. The process is the basis on which decisions are made and actions are taken. It is oriented toward achieving a vision rather than targeting specific activities and tasks of individual functions.

Process based management is a management technique that aligns the vision, mission and core value systems of a business, when formulating corporate strategy.

The general process is that the vision determines the necessary strategy, structure and human resource requirements for the organization. It can also be used on the project management level in that a clear vision of a project defines the strategy, structure and resources required to achieve success. The project process continues with the implementation of the tasks and activities required to achieve the vision.

Most companies are focused around organizational performance such as budgets, incentives, costs, and skill development. Process Based Management adds these performance measures but in an operational way that adds to the organizational measures. Over time, the process measures take a stronger role.