Procket Networks

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Procket Networks
Former type Subsidiary
Industry Computer networking
Fate acquired by Cisco Systems in 2004
Founded United States
Founders Sharad Mehrotra, Bill Lynch, Tony Li
Defunct 2004
Headquarters United States
Parent Cisco Systems

Procket Networks was a startup founded in 1999 by Dr. Sharad Mehrotra, Dr. Bill Lynch, and Dr. Tony Li to build network processors but was later redirected to build core routers. The company produced two systems, the 8801, a one slot 40Gbit/s router and the 8812, a half-rack 480Gbit/s router. Both systems were sold and put into production, but sales were insufficient to sustain the company in the post-bubble environment. The company was based in Silicon Valley in the United States. The intellectual property and key personnel of the company were acquired by Cisco Systems on June 17, 2004.